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 fax application - fax to (800) 916 -3297

Please complete as fully as possible then print the information and fax to us. 

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Property  city / state _____________________________________ 

My primary goal is to

Estimated Property Value: _________________  

Current rate_____% Tax ________  Insurance _______  Included in payment no yes

Second Mortgage  Rate _____%

My credit history is
Co Borrower's credit is
Foreclosure   no yes - if yes when foreclosure date ____________
Bankruptcy   no yes - if yes when discharge date _____________
Has your house payment been late in the last 12 months  no yes - if yes when
   __>30 __>60 __>90
Collections,  Judgments, Tax liens - last 24 months? no yes - if yes when & how much
Total minimum monthly payments on credit cards and loans: _______________

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